About Hector
As one of the most prolific documentary filmmakers working today, Hector Galán has contributed over forty hours of programming to major television series such as PBS Frontline and American Experience, and to cable networks, and PBS primetime. Galán has produced many critically acclaimed and award-winning independent films through his company Galán Inc. Television/Film which was founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas.
Galán theatrically released his feature documentary, Los Lonely Boys, Cottonfields and Crossroads in 2006. Most recently, Galán completed production in the Middle East and Europe on a six hour series, The Road from Christ to Constantine, a remarkable journey into early Christianity and completed production on Children of GIANT, a documentary feature set in the West Texas town of Marfa, that explores social issues throughout history, weaving a scenic exploration of the Academy Award winning film, George Stevens’ Giant, with contemporary interviews. The PBS National Broadcast date was April 17, 2015.

Meeting President Clinton in 1996.

Honors and Awards
2023 | Inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters

2017 | Inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame
2015 | The Imagen Award for Children of Giant
2012 | Inducted into the Conjunto Hall of Fame
2010 | Blackwell School Hall of Fame. Marfa, Tx
2008 | Proclamation by the city of San Angelo, TX for Outstanding Achievement in film
2005 | Distinguished Filmmaker Award, Cine Cuauhtemoc Pan American Film Festival
2003 | Armando Marroquin Lifetime Achievement Award: Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Museum
2003 | Texas State Bar: Distinguished Service, Legal/Business Aspects of Film/Music
2000 | Premio Estrella Recipient, Dallas CineFiesta Film Festival
2000 | Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, City of Dallas
1999 | AT&T Spirit of Communication Award
1998 | Cultural Arts Award: American Association of Higher Education
1998 | Retrospective of Hector Galán’s work at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC
1997 | Texas Tech Mass Communications Alumnus Outstanding
1997 | Hispanic Business Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America
1996 | White House special screening of Hector Galan's Chicano!
1996 | Texas flag flown over State Capitol in Hector Galán’s Honor: House of Rep.
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